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festivalfriends: Labor



The ANALOGUE FESTIVAL CENTRE is the hub where festival guests meet before, after and between performances and events. It is a meeting place and provides space for active reflection and exchange as well as for lingering and taking a break.

The festival centre has no fixed location, but follows the nomadic principle of the festival, moving from venue to venue. The flexibility is also reflected in the concept of the architecture: the collective HEFT lays a tarot card before each set-up and thus lets the audience determine how they will assemble their building modules at the respective location. With minimal means made of poles and fabrics, new spatial frameworks for encounter culture are created in an experimental way.

The ANALOGUE FESTIVAL CENTRE is the recurring element during Hauptsache Frei #7. In addition to the minimal, clear architecture, abstract patterns in orange, violet and yellow, reminiscent of dancing bodies, give the festival its visual recognition value.

The recurring procedures at the ANALOG FESTIVAL CENTRE lend the festival days their ritual structure. Visitors are welcomed with a welcoming gesture and enter a colourful festival carpet. Here they have the opportunity to find out about the programme and get in the mood. Those who wish can leave their thoughts, feelings and suggestions about the plays they have seen on cards and drop them into a luminous collection box.

The late-night talk hauptsache verliebt ❤️ is the joint conclusion of the day. In the setting of the last stage set, people gossip, chat and critically discuss. Every evening, the hosts Ella, Jonas & Mercedes Tuccini welcome not only B-list celebrities and It-girls. Messages from the visitors and spectators have their say, as do artists and those involved behind the scenes. A summary of the day where all emotions are allowed! 😂😠😘😉😁


Marie Werthschulte

Marie Werthschulte works as a freelance art and culture worker in Kassel and Hamburg. She completed her BA in Media and Cultural Studies at HHU Düsseldorf and subsequently completed her MA in Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg. In 2016 & 2017 she co-directed the festival DANCE IN RESPONSE at the Kleiner Michel in Hamburg. She is currently studying at the Kunsthochschule Kassel with Bjørn Melhus, Jan Peters and Kerstin Honeit. For HAUPTSACHE FREI #7 she is designing the Analogue Festival Centre and is also involved as a narrator in the radio play FUTURADIO by Len Pappe.