The eighth edition of Hauptsache Frei tries to become more barrier-free and to create more connection possibilities. In the process, more and more barriers become visible that need to be removed. Therefore, the participation team invites you to the barrier awareness workshop: Awareness means mindfulness and respectful treatment of oneself and others, paying attention to each other and supporting each other, maintaining boundaries, actively taking action against discriminatory and inconsiderate behavior. Awareness is needed everywhere, including in the arts and cultural landscape. Through exercises, explanations of terms, discussion and examples from practical work you will learn more about yourself and awareness work.

Our speaker in the morning:

Mate ( she/her) - active in awareness work for several years, from demos, festival coordination to a job in the awareness team of the Berlin club Mensch Meier. Meanwhile also giving workshops in this field, but actually still working as a funeral assistant and systemic psychotherapist.

Saturday, 06/25/2022
11 AM – 1 PM
Oberhafen (Proberaum)