In the cultural policy discussion at HF#9, the focus is on the work perspectives of artists in Hamburg's independent scene: How can production methods be recorded in order to make the needs of artists and the benefits and potentials of art clear to politics and urban society?

It's business as usual: the independent performing arts scene is in a process of reorientation. For years, artists have been busy with new projects, new collaborations, new themes, new funding applications, new funding models and new audiences. Young artists have become part of the scene in Hamburg. Artists from other German states have moved to Hamburg. The scene is growing and has become more professional. Hamburg groups, especially dance groups, are touring more and more. There is a great artistic potential in Hamburg that has developed.

What most of the actors in the scene in Hamburg lack, however, is planning security. The financial basis for their own work has to be applied for again and again and is much more often not granted. As long as artists know that their own continued existence is constantly in question, the question of how they can secure themselves is in the foreground, before they can set impulses into society.

Thursday, 27.04.2023
5:30 pm
Kampnagel K3

With: Barbara Schmidt-Rohr und Jens Dietrich

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