You are a performing artist from Hamburg and would like to visit the festival and discuss what you have seen with colleagues? Are you interested in digital artistic practice and topics, but have little experience so far? Then apply now to become part of the #BeyondDigital Speculation Unit and get in touch with digital artists!

As an interdisciplinary team of Hamburg and international artists, you will accompany the first week of the festival. Inspired by the works of your colleagues, you develop speculative reactions and invent alternative, futuristic narratives. In doing so, you go in search of the digitality in the program: Which interfaces were used and which ones would we use if we were working in the year 2050? What open source technologies could we use? How would an AI have directed and how did the play feel in virtual space? The team creates benevolent, serious, humorous, and perhaps self-critical sketches of a speculative, digital performance world, commenting on the festival for the entire festival community.

How can I participate?

Hamburg artists from the field of performance/performing arts can apply. You explicitly do not need any previous knowledge in the field of digital art or digitality - interest is enough! You also need to have time to actively participate in the festival from 19-22.04.2023. Apply by 26.03. with a short (max. 2000 characters) motivation text and a short biography via mail to! If you participate, you will see the program of the first festival week for free and receive an allowance of 1.000 € (gross) for your participation.

The #BeyondDigital Team

Sarah Wenzinger

Sarah Wenzinger is a Berlin-based artist, activist researcher, and educator. She creates digital and analog spaces to encourage reflection on complex contemporary concerns. Her work includes site-specific installations, performances, walks, text, video, ceramics, interaction, and radical action assignments and explores social structures of power, perspective, and community through a queer feminist lens. She has developed projects for institutions such as Haus der Kulturen der Welt, the Berlin Biennial X, the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, the NRW Forum Düsseldorf, and the Bauhaus Archiv e.V and has published two collections of strategies and methods for political artistic engagement with urban space and the climate catastrophe. Since 2019, she has worked on the concept of the social prepper an solidarity-based counter-proposal to apocalyptic narratives of fear focuses on reconnecting with historical resistance, facing climate grief, sharing knowledge, learning from other organisms, enduring the uncanny, and meditating on active hope.

Sarah Fartuun Heinze

Sarah Fartuun Heinze (no pronoun) is a Black(-gender-)Queer*Feminist;(lohn-)arbeitet als Freie Künstler*In & Autor*In & Kulturelle Bildner*In:multiverse (neurodiverse) traversing Beyond Binary Stars Auch &/ zum Beispiel mit Theater, Games, Musik & Empowerment und : versteht sich Auch & Vorallem als Ästhetische Forscher*In.

yet Ob künstlerisch Forschend, als Theatermacher*In, ob Schlendernd, als Perfomer*In, träumend, als MusikTheaterGamedesigner*In, Musiker*In, als Teil der Initiative Creative Gaming oder der Neuen Deutschen Medienmacher*Innen, ob Afrofuturistic, als Autor*In, weltenwandelnd, als Dramaturg*In oder Radical Soft-&Kind, als Kulturelle Bildner*In: Digitale und analoge Spiele haben Sarah Fartuun Heinze im Grund schon immer bewegt - und tun es noch.

Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey is a Toronto-based self-proclaimed Famous New Media Artist. "Since the early noughties Bailey has plowed a compelling, and often hilarious, road through the various developments of digital communications technologies."(Morgan Quaintance, Rhizome.) His work has been presented widely including solo and group exhibitions at Panke.Gallery in Berlin, Whitechapel Gallery in London, LIMA in Amsterdam and Museums Quartier in Vienna. Commissions include projects for The MCA Chicago, FACT in Liverpool and The New Museum in New York.