Not only since the pandemic have Hamburg artists from the performing arts taken post-digital positions, experimenting with VR, artificial intelligence, questioning the authorship of technology and the function of the net as a social and performative space. With the focus "#BEYONDDIGITAL" we continue the development of a digital artistic performance scene in Hamburg - without focusing on technology. Questions that concern us are: How can the performing arts conceive of the digital as a tool, material and reference space, while contributing and preserving their specific qualities? Can the digital space be a meeting place where affects take effect and relationships emerge beyond the interface? What might productive formats of collaboration between programmers and performance artists look like? And which media-theoretical discourses and artistic references do we tie in with when we include new stages and media in our work?

This year, #BEYONDDIGITAL, in cooperation with the #lichthof_lab and the "FESTIVALFRIENDS" program, brings together three artistic tandems of artists working in Hamburg and throughout Germany to visit the festival together, to exchange ideas about their work in the field of digitality, and to network with other artists in the Hamburg scene. A two-day lab invites practical exchange about methods, tools and aesthetic questions. The first public panel event presents findings from the lab, introduces the tandem artists* and invites other international media and digital artists* to bring their perspective to the discussion around digital and hybrid and performance practice. The second #BEYONDDIGITAL panel will be designed by the mentoring teams. The focus will be on the artistic questions of Gloria Höckner, Susanne Reifenrath, Fernanda Ortiz and Luise März, their results and sketches from the work of the last months.

With: allapopp, Angela Washko, Choy Ka Fei, Fernanda Ortiz, Gloria Höckner, Janne Kummer aka alaska, Jeremy Bailey, Jost von Harleßem/Flinkwiesel, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Luise März, Naoto Hieda, Susanne Reifenrath

Supported by Julian Kamphausen & Gloria Schulz (Studio für Unendliche Möglichkeiten)