Barrier removal is often understood as a task of audience development, of opening up new target groups. Sometimes barrier removal makes it into mediation and for a moment opens up participation in artistic practice to all. Why, in fact? What new artistic perspectives would make consistently barrier-free production possible?

We invite the makers of [in]operabilities to answer this question together with their accomplices by means of good practice examples. The workshop is part of [in]operabilities -- an arrangement for open artistic research, initiated by Benjamin van Bebber, Leo Hofmann, Franziska Henschel and Jeanne Charlotte Vogt. [in]operabilities links the art form opera with the question of its accessibility, of possibilities of inclusive work and of the usefulness of "opera-abilities" for our living together.

Saturday, 29.04.2023
11 AM-3 PM
Kulturkirche Altona

From and with: [in]operabilities, Susanne Tod, Emil Leske

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